I'm a 3D Artist located in Zurich Switzerland. Since 2001 I create 3D Art, VFX and Animations. Since 2017 I specialized on the Workflow Cinema 4D to UnrealEngine for arctiectual vizualisations.







Architecture vizualisation "modern stairwell" from CDA Animations on Vimeo.


What I do

3D and Visualisations

Cinema 4D to UnrealEngine Workflow for architecture vizualisation, 3D models ready for UnrealEngine.


In 2014 I completed Anori Wind from North


I created the VFX shots for The Helloween Pranksta ( 2014 ) By Carl Paolino and starring by Mark Hamill and The Talisman ( 2015 ) by Edwin Pagán


My Tutorials covers the 3D Software  Cinema 4D and LightWave. You can find all tutorials on VIMEO.


Everything that the lens can take 

CDA3DLive Photography nature, architecture, stillife and animals

LightWave 3D Avenue

LightWave 3D Avenue Support the LightWave community and is part of Coco Digital Animations.


My Works

The kitchen


modern staircase



The Castle

About CDA3DLive


My Name is Salvatore Coco. The first experience with 3D I had in 1998 with Bryce 2. At this time I created 3D models with more than 7000 individual objects. There was no polygon modeling available. Since 2008 I started to work with Maxon Cinema 4D. Since July 2013 I have the honor to be part of MAXON Betatester team.


My 3D Skills

Maxon Cinema 4D  (since 2003) , LightWave 3D (since 2013) , Modo 801 (since 2009) , Z-Brush, Blender, Unreal Gameengine, Photoshop and After Effects CC


- Hard surface modeling

- Lighting and Light Setup

- Texturing and Shading

- Compositing /VFX


About Coco Digital Arts.

The studio is located in Switzerland since 2001 and creates 3D Art,VFX and Animations. I just completed the digital effects for "The Halloween Pranksta" (2014), directed by Carl Paolino and co-produced by Mark Hamill. In 2014 I completed the work on ANORI Wind from North  and LightWave3D Avenue are part of Coco Digital Arts. Since 2017 I specialized on the Workflow Cinema 4D to UnrealEngine for arctiectual vizualisations.

Salvatore Coco

Coco Digital Arts

3D Artist and Maxon Cinema 4D Betatester since 2013 and Streamer on Twitch

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